Back on track

It was exactly 3 months after the long run where my left ankle gave in that I set foot in the offices (a.k.a gym) of my physiotherapist. Today we’re 3 sessions later and I feel great \o/. The dry needling worked amazingly well. The tension in my calves is completely gone. The tingling in my shins is gone and my moral is back. I am no longer bothered by the injury paranoia and uncertainty of what’s wrong. You have no idea how wonderful this feels.

Bruises on my calves after dry needling

The root of the problem

As I wrote in previous blog posts the built up tension in my calves was caused by a faulty landing technique in my forefoot strike. I didn’t allow the heel to touch the ground after I landed on the ball of the foot. But it wasn’t the only problem. During my drills the physio noticed a few imperfections. I always had the tendency to pronate but no one ever told me what causes this. My physio made that very clear to me. Weak hips + knees bending inward = pronation.

photo credit walkwellstaywell

So I have weak hips, now what?

Since the last session with my physio we’ve been working on strengthening the hips. Something I’ll probably be doing long after my sessions are finished. Having these “problems” and especially how simple it is to fix them make it clear to me that core workouts are very important. Apparently I’m not the only one who came to that decision. Anton Krupicka talks about core excercises and the importance of them in his pre-2015 TNF Transgrancanaria interview for irunfar

Excerpt from the interview

irunfar: On the core and hip work and all that, is that something you could have seen yourself doing five or seven years ago to the extent you’re doing now?

Krupicka: To be honest, I still struggle with it for sure. I think I’ve finally just grown up a little bit. I’m 31 now. You get it beaten into you enough that you need to do this stuff to stay remotely healthy. Yeah, when you’re young, it’s just way different. Everyone knows this but no one can tell that to anyone that age. I wasn’t going to listen to anyone. So, yeah.

Journal log

All problems with the shins and calves are gone. The ankles do need some attention but I do drills to loosen them up. My foot strike is a lot better. Very noticeable in my calves after or during a run.

This week I start with my morning runs again. Because I still am not allowed to run more than 10k per run, I will increase the amount of training runs per week instead of the mileage per run.

To be continued…