Casual running events

Before I became a runner I was a mountainbiker for over 20 years. I participated in a few open races but mostly we rode organized mountainbike routes on sunday mornings. Here in Belgium you have a lot of these events. I don’t call them races because that’s what they are not.

They are organized by a local (amateur) mountainbike team that set out a route on tracks you normally don’t discover because you don’t know the area. There’s a small entry fee you have to pay but that’s mostly to cover their expenses, an insurace and to get a bit of cash into their team’s treasury fund. But most of all it’s not a race. They have a time window in which you can start, e.g. between 9 AM and 11 AM, and pick any of the given distances. There’s no official start. There’s no time tracking. No bib. There’s no official pre-race (online) registration, only a small slip you have to fill in for the insurance. It’s all about riding in an environment you don’t know so you can discover new tracks.

Why don’t we have this in running?

Does anyone have a solid answer why we don’t have this kind of events in (trail) running?

I don’t need official time tracking. I’ve got my Garmin on my wrist.

I don’t need a bib to have a good time.

I just want to run and run new trails.

So if you know of any good reasons why we don’t have these kind of events or if you agree and also want this kind of casual runs share this post and/or place a comment below.

If you can come up with a good catchy name for these type events, please share it with us.