Carbo loading, an experiment

In my preparation for Crêtes de Spa - read my race report here - I decided to do a little carbo loading as an experiment. Every day in the 5 days leading up to the race I ate one plate of oats with 220ml semi-skimmed milk and some honey as breakfast (nothing special here, I eat that every day), one plate of pasta (mostly spaghetti, preferably whole grain) for lunch with some fresh fruits as dessert. A small rice cake as a snack and a normal portioned dinner (meat, veggies and potatoes) and a few wine gums or a banana as late-night snack.

Three days in, my stats looked like this:

weging 1

Translated: I gained 1.7kgs after three days of scrunching. No worries, you can easily gain 2kgs when doing carbo loading.

During that week, my regular training scheduled was dropped in favor of a less intensive regime. Monday and wednesday were resting days, tuesday and thursday a 5k run in the aerobic zone and friday, the night before the race, a short 15 minute run just to get the blood flowing.

The race is over

When I got back home after the CDS race I got back on the scale and this was the result.

weging 2

I lost 2kgs. That’s 0.3kgs less than my initial weight at the beginning of my bulking week. Win!


Although I didn’t notice any special performance improvement during the race I didn’t cramp up and felt great during the entire race.

What I bring home from this little experiment:

  • My next carbo-loading experiment will be more by the books. Try to avoid as much fat and sugar as possible.
  • You do need to eat and drink more to prepare for such a race. Just look at the amount I lost after the race.