Sworkit - workout app

A while ago I came upon a newspaper article about fitness apps and the quality of their workouts*.

The study reveals that only one app – Sworkit Lite Personal Workout – met more than half the criteria from the guidelines. All the others failed.

I immediately installed the app and gave it a try as soon as I got home. In short: it’s amazing!

It’s simple, fun, easy to use and has clear instructions because each excercise comes with a video demonstration. You can choose out of 5 possible workouts (on the Lite/Free version). Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Stretching and “Fit in 5 minutes” (a combination of the 4 topics).

You will break a sweat

The order in which the excercises appear are randomized so no 2 workouts will ever be the same. You simply can’t predict what the next excercise will be. Certainly in your first weeks/months of using the app you will discover new excercises. Their library contains over 160 excercises! These excercises don’t require weights or extra equipment. You can choose your workout length and target different areas. Except from a few yoga excercises all workouts are by the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) principle. You get 5 excercises of 30 seconds and a 30 second rest period and this repeats for the duration of your workout. In between excercises you get 5 seconds to transition into the next excercise position which I find an amazing feature.


When I started with Sworkit I immediately noticed how weak my body was. I thought I was in shape because of all the running I was doing, but actually all that running was the cause that my body was out of shape. After 2 weeks of training this way I noticed significant improvements in my core. My legs were getting stronger, had less lower back issues and my speed increased or I could maintain a higher pace for a longer period of time.

Currently my workout routine is 2 times a week doing a 5 min stretching workout + a strength workout (core or full body or lower body) and 1 time a 5 minute stretch + yoga for runners. This will change when I notice my body needs new stimuli and my excecution of the excercises improves.

Download Sworkit Lite Personal Workout here

*source article: Washington Post